The JustFly 'AppMan' is a customizable menu for the OpenTX radio operating system. The EDGETX version is available as part of your AppMan purchase.

Just login and go to the 'my orders' in the menu on the right, and download the latest file. All purchases are linked to ONE zipfile, so no matter what you bought, just download the latest AppMan and unzip it.

In this download you will now find an embedded zip-file called AppManEdge. This contains all the files for installing the models and the applications on any EdgeTX install. Simply unpack and copy on the SDcard, as usual.

WARNING: this package for EDGETX was created as a trial version. Please test your models and applications before flying! 

ONLY EDGE 2.7.1 is supported.

You may install several JustFly widgets on several screens, but since the scaling functions are GLOBAL for the moment, scaling is not properly supported and may lead to strange results. Therefore, the Widgets should be installed as FULL SCREEN only, without any sidebars, trims or whatever.

Full-screen interactive mode IS supported, and allows for control over the widgets by using the roller and buttons!


Have Fun and Just Fly!

The JustFly 'AppMan' is a customizable menu for the OpenTX radio operating system. It comes as part of any product purchased on this site, and is not available as separate purchase. It is an add-on to OpenTX and does not alter the existing functions of your radio or OpenTX in any way.

It offers some free apps and tools like graphs, servo output ordering and more. It is also the place where all other JustFly applications are managed.


Have Fun and Just Fly!

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Price 5€

The JustFly App is a powerfull timer Application, capable of showing real time flight altitude and timer info. It will also announce the first peak altitude, for Discuss Launch Gliders corresponding to the launch height.

The JustFly app will allow you to time your flights.
It was designed for F3K time keeping, but can be used in a more general way.

After loading the main screen, you can change the type of screen by shortly pressing the 'ENTER' button.
You can choose between graphs showing your altitude during and after flights, flight timing results, or session statistics that are relevant to an F3K pilot.
The statistics are not available in the 'JustFly' entry on the main screen. 

To (re)start a flight (and session if not already started) you must pull the switch assigned to activate the 'launch' mode, normally SF or SH, and RELEASE it.

To stop a flight counter, you must pull the launch switch briefly.
The app will go into a waiting state for the next.
The running graph is frozen if displaying the graph screen.
Launch height (first maximum during flight) is added to the list on the right, as well as flight time and sink rate.

When the flight timer screen is active, a time will be entered in the list, next to the remaining target times. In the stats screen, the flight time is added to the list, and the time you landed short of target (S) or late (L), in seconds.

The main display will show slack, time to improve, other useful info, until you are flying again, in which case it shows a big timer, counting down on remaining flight time.

In order to do a Quick Turnaround, just keep the launch switch pulled for more than 0.6s. After that, the running timer will stop and register the time, and restart a new flight on release of the launch switch.

To invalidate a flight, press the enter button during flight. The flight will be registered as invalid, and the app goes into a waiting state for the next launch. 
If pressing enter again when in waiting state, the session is ended, and a score is presented.

In the scoring screen, by using the elevator stick, you can calculate your relative score by setting the max score flewn in your session.

The graph log of each flight can be selected by the PLUS and MINUS buttons.