The JustFly 'AppMan' is a customisable user interface for the OpenTX radio operating system, written in LUA. It can be launched from the SDcard browser on your OpenTX radio. It comes as part of any product purchased on this site, and is not available as separate purchase.

It is also installable as telemetry script, so you can easily start it by long pressing the PAGE button (on the 'Taranis' X7, X7S, X9D, X9D+) or as a widget on any basic screen (on the 'Horus' X10, X10S, X12S). 

It consist of a menu structure to easily access any standard LUA script that will run on your radio:

Next to that, a set of custom pages to support the general setup and tuning of your models is included, like adapting the servo order of your model by the click of a button, or visualising the controls on your plane:

Additional model support menus are available for the included predefined models. A license key can be purchased to unlock these extra menu pages:

Finally, specific apps can be purchased, such as the JustFly app, that will show a graphical representation of the altitude during your flying session:

Look around on the site, and check out what is available. Apps and menus can be built on request, and menu order and hierarchy can be changed easily.


Have Fun and Just Fly!

For Horus type radios, you can add your own personalised touch to the AppMan by adding your pictures to the menu items corresponding to submenu, or replace the existing ones.

In the APPS/MENUS folder, you will find all menus and submenus. In fact, all menus can be used as a submenu, and can be nested at will. The pictures used need to be named after the menu, and should be of the png type. They will be scaled automatically to fit the available space next to the menu list, respecting aspect ratio.

On all radios, more complex, but still easy, you can change the order of the menu items. Just renumber them accordingly. Since there is no other way of knowing which file is corresponding to which menu item shown, safest approach is to change the extension of each menu item one by one, while checking which item misses from the menu. (simulator advisable :). Then, you can renumber them at will. All numbers are allowed, and need not be sequential, up til 20. Make sure you rename any existing ini files as well.

Finally, if you have the guts, you can change the menus completely. Be aware that this will only work for menu items not depending on an ini file. You can shift them between menus, duplicate them, and delete them.

If that's not enough, you can add any existing telemetry script in any menu, by just renaming it and placing it in the corresponding menu folder. They should appear in your menu, as a numbered entry.

If something is not clear, or not working as expected, don't hesitate to contact us!

Have Fun and

Just Fly!