Double Dutch

This is a nasty poker task. The time for your next poker flight is determined by the flight just before, with a maximum of 5 minutes. Unlimited flights, 30 minutes working time.

So, your first flight is 3:15. That set's your next minimum target. So now you have to fly 3:15 (or more). your score is limited to 3:15. If you fly less, relaunch until you made the target!

Maximum score is 6*5 minutes - 6 seconds for the launches, so 1794 seconds.

Example scores:

3:15 (target set, score 3:15))

2:59 (fail)

3:19 (score 3;15)

1:10 (new target set, score 1:10)

1:15 (score 1:10)

5:06 (target set 5:00, score 5:00)

4:32 (fail)

end of working time

Total score 3:15 + 3:15 + 1:10 + 1:10 + 5:00 = 13:50 = 830 sec.


The best time gets 1000 points
Theoretically it is possible to fly 1794 seconds
If someone did make 1794 seconds (1000 points) and you did 1683, then your score is (1683/1794)*1000 = 937 points

Your scores should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within a day after flying the task, with 'Winterpostal' as subject.

You can also upload your task results by entering the seconds flewn for this months task, and/or check the other competitors scores at

Happy Newyear !!