This predefined model is derived from the Basics-DLG model. It shares the same concept for the setup of flaperons. 

Both flaps and ailerons are set up as flaperons within this model, where it is possible for the ailerons to use a negative offset. This allows you to install the ailerons with a default up offset, to maximise up throw for crow (or butterfly).

For these bigger planes, it is also important to be able to set different camber and elevator offsets for different flightmodes (Cruise, thermal, speed, etc.). There are 8 flightmodes available, all alowing a different camber setting.
The camber on the flaps and the elevator offset are controlled by the throttle and elevator stick trims. The Aileron camber is controlled by the throttle stick trim in the trim mode (SC switch middle position). So a full span camber setup is possible, with different camber on the ailerons and flaps.

When applying full flaps or crow, it is important to increase the aileron throw to maintain agile. This is done by increasing the throw for the compensating aileron from the original 100%-offset to 100%+offset, based on the flap position. The elevator compensation when applying crow is set by the elevator stick trim in trim mode (SC middle). This is a seperate setting per flightmode (on the DLG this is model-wide!).

Finally, since we need these extra model-wide offset and camber trims, the rudder and aileron stick trims are reassigned to control the spoiler(flaps) to aileron mix and the roll(aileron) to flaps mix.
By setting the spoiler to aileron mix to a negative value, you can create your optimal butterfly or crow setup.
By setting a roll to flaps mix, you can set up a full span aileron, with any travel you want between 0 and maximum throw.

All menus to check, set and control these settings are explained below. Some menus are however the same as for the Basic model, and explained there.