Well, I think there are little other devices than the Taranis running OpenTX that have the honour to have so many HowTo's.

Still, we are convinced that something is missing.

Most HowTo's are either about getting Companion up and running, or about programming in the OpenTX operating system.

Hey, you say operating system when talking about OpenTX? Yes, because what everybody is referring to as "programming your transmitter" is actually just defining how the OpenTX as an operating system should proces the inputs on the transmitter into outputs to the receiver. The program flow is already determined, you just change the "settings".

So what is missing?

Well, some clear instructions on how to get your Taranis up and running the quickest as possible, without connecting your transmitter to the PC.

If you read the Total Newbie posts on the HowTo's published here, we think you should be able to buy a Taranis, take it out of the box, bind a receiver, start trimming your plane and fly it. All within an hour, without connecting your transmitter to the PC.

In the following HowTo's, you learn how to backup your transmitter, import models from templates, upgrade firmwares, and use LUA scripts. Again, all without even connecting to the PC, other than copying some files from a zipfile to the SDcard, in less than an hours time.

After that, you will be able to use all the products on this site as well, just by downloading them and copying them to your SDcard on the Taranis. Or you are ready to get on the internet, dive into the wonderful world of OpenTX!

We intend to get you to use the Taranis as quickly as possible, to do the thing you bought it for:

Just Fly!