What's an EEPROM?

ALL model settings, including the radio settings, are stored in the static memory of your transmitter, called EEPROM. In order to be able to make a backup of those settings, you can create a file containing all that info. You then have all the info safely in a file, outside of the radio. The SDcard is also a safe place, and the radio provides an option to create the backup directly on the SDcard.

Let's look into the radio settings by Long pressing MENU from one of the home pages, without releasing it, until we get here:


Ok you can look around in this screen. You know how to navigate. But it's not here we want to change something BEFORE we made a backup EPEE, so go on and press PAGE again and again until we end up in screen 4/8:


So this screen shows you the version of the FIRMWARE, which has (nearly) nothing to do with your model settings. Yet they put the option to backup your settings here, and used the technical description: backup of the EEPROM.


Let's do what is suggested, press ENTER long:


Ouch!! An error! Well, if you really just got your Taranis out of the box, chances are your SDcard has no EEPROMS directory. Then it fails to write it. Press EXIT to close the message box, and PAGE until you are at page 2/8:


Wellwell, no EEPROMS directory here. Unfortunately, there is no way to create it using OpenTX. So, you either take the card out of the radio and put it in your PC, or you connect the PC with a mini-USB to the transmitter, to acces the SDcard. Then create a directory EEPROMS, and return the card or remove the cable (off course you do an 'eject device' when on windows ;)).

Return to the VERSION screen, and try again:

Well, let's check in the SDCARD screen:

That looks fine. Hey, but I use backups with the Companion software, and those backups end on .EEPE, and this file has .bin as extension! Well, historics?! just know that it is perfectly fine, and has all your info. We will check that later!

But you said backup ALL? How about the radio firmware? Don't we need to back that up?

Nah, you can download it at any time using companion. But perhaps we'll cover that in the "upgrade firmware" post.

Anyway, you can now feel safe to mess around on the transmitter without fear of not being able to return the initial state, or any models you've created. Make a habit of making a regular backup, the SDcard can hold thousands of them.

So have fun and

Just Fly