Log graphs

The log graphs will show the telemetry source chosen for a specific LOG file, in a default timeframe.

Before starting the graph, a list is shown with all available LOGfiles for the active model.

Pressing 'enter' once, will show a list with available sources for the graph.

After selecting one, pressing 'enter' again will start the graphing. 

A horizontal line with the current value is shown to facilitate quick interpretation of the graph.

The telemetry value can be scaled. 100 means it will be scaled to 100% (no scaling). A stick or switch source will then range between -1024 and 1024.
Using a scale of 1024 means that a stick or switch source will be scaled to (value/1024 * 100), so they will range beteween -100 and + 100.  

The 'enter' button wil zoom in into the first left halve of the screen.
The 'long page' button will zoom out again.
The plus and minus will scroll you forward and back in time.

Scaling on the vertical axis is automatic during zoom.